Are you sure you have healthy boundaries in ALL of your relationships?

Take this QUIZ . <--- It will help you to confirm a more solid yes or no to that question.


If you score 40 or above, the symptoms you are experiencing show that you are struggling to maintain healthy boundaries in your relationships.


This can be true for you also, whether you have several unhealthy relationships or just one. 

Think for a moment of ONE person you struggle with -- one
you have a hard time saying no to, and you bend over backwards to please -- maybe you need this course to help you gain a healthier relationship with that one person. 

Join me LIVE  !


I will present module 1 titled Recognize the Symptoms which will go into this in more detail. This presentation will help you to realize that you are not alone in how you are feeling. You will recognize the symptoms you are experiencing and learn the cause of those symptoms.


Then I will give you some golden nuggets from module 2, 3 & 4 which are designed to help you to learn:
- What Healthy Boundaries look like

- How NOT TO Create boundaries in your relationships

- How TO Create healthy boundaries in your relationships

This course isn't about ending relationships that are unhealthy - it's about correcting them and making them healthier than they've ever been.

This course will also help you to ensure that all of your future relationships will be healthy

Join me live, Friday May 31st at 6 pm central.

This particular live will take place in my community for women:

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