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Who is determining your first step of the year?

Happy New Year.. I passed out at 9 pm with the little one. 😆

How long did you make it?

With the new year tends to come resolutions. Goals, plans... whatever you want to call it. It’s that thing we tend to do at the beginning of the year where we hope to accomplish something that year...be it save money, lose weight, exercise more, quit smoking, etc...

I’m referring to that today, being the first day of the new year.

One of the scriptures I meditated on today was the verse of the day - Proverbs 16:9. The guide on encounteringpeace.com, which I use each morning and HIGHLY recommend, inspired this blog today. He mentioned this:

Unexpected live dragons will rise up to attack our best laid plans.

He also said this:

God has better paths... where the dragons are defeated.

And a prayer:

Dear Heavenly Father,

Many are the plans in my mind, but it is your purpose for me that will stand and be carried out. My mind often plans it’s own way as I journey through life, but you Lord direct my steps and establish them.

This year, we will face unknown dragons — but this year, if you are a child of God - do it with the confidence of Christ. And remember that you have a path laid out for you — God’s directed path. You’d do well to follow that path.

Make your resolutions... but also be mindful of your motivation for your resolution.

A self assessment regarding your resolutions this year..

What is the motivation behind your goals made or resolutions that you made? How can God use you in those plans you’ve made?

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