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What’s in a word?

Do you have a word of intent for 2019? My word of intent - release.

I struggled to come up with a word of intention for 2019. The last 4 years, the words came much easier.

In 2018, the word was BREAKTHROUGH and boy did I have MANY! There were lots of changes for me in 2018 - career, relationships, and calling. It’s been quite a year of laying low and growing behind the scenes.

This year - it is RELEASE. Like I said, I had thought on this word of intent .. and I began thinking in November. Nothing came to me. Today - this morning - after a moving meditation... I was thinking on it again.

I had the thought that perhaps I won’t have a word this year. I don’t want to force a thing. Then I thought on my biggest pursuit at this time in my life and that desire is just to release myself - and others. Then bam! That was it. I cried! I knew it was it.

Then I looked up the word. I know the word and what it means but my investigator self desired a solid answer.... and this:

•>allow or enable to escape from confinement; set free.

•>allow to move, act, or flow freely.

Maybe what I say about releasing myself and others isn’t clear... and I wouldn’t think it would be from this one blog entry. I will dive deeper into it in the days to come.

I will be ordering a bracelet with my word of intention... and the site I am ordering from has a quiz for you to find your word... or going through a 3 step process of coming up with your word.


Share your word in the comments. 💕

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