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The enemy's activity becomes stronger when...

“Sometimes when we are taking a step forward to do what God asked us to do, the enemy activity becomes stronger.” (Not sure who said this but it’s in some old notes I took that I just came across.)

Wow!! Revelation. This is definitely what has been happening to me recently.

I remember when I first said OUTLOUD to the world that I was an overcomer who broke free from the prison of fear and anxiety. And even expressed myself as a self proclaimed anxiety warrior. That was February of this year.

I CLEARLY remember, before I did it, I hesitated. I had thoughts like - goodness, if I say this - will I become under attack? Will the enemy work against me so that I have to PROVE myself? Can I resist the moments of temptation to go backwards and live in the crippling fear that kept me imprisoned for so long? Can I actually say this outloud?

But I did it! And then, what came of it? My Facebook community went in a different direction and GREW... and it has been such a blessing. Besides my relationship with God and my family, the community is most important to me. The name change to SheIsAWarrior.org happened at the end of March.

Then, I was given the opportunity to speak about my story! And be paid for it! That blew my mind. After my presentation, strangers came up to talk with me and share their stories to tell me how much they related to what I shared.

In these different avenues, I was/am getting to encourage others who were struggling like I did. I was/am impacting people with my mess in progress that became my message.

Now - a course I created from my own experience study that would also help others. A course where I am sharing a skill set that I applied in my own life that helped me overcome anxiety in relationships.

A course I launched in January that didn’t do so well. But it is such an amazing, life changing course! I knew I had to get it out there properly. So I have been seriously working on it for about 6 weeks. I am working with an amazing expert who is guiding me to be able to launch this course with such a strong foundation. This course WILL CHANGE MANY LIVES.

I do believe it will be such a success that the enemy is trying to stop it from happening by distracting me with symptoms of anxiety. The thing is, if he can distract me enough to stop me from completing what I’ve started - he wins. HE IS NOT GOING TO WIN.

Even though the waves of anxiety symptoms have been coming now for the last couple of months.... they are NOT stopping me from moving forward ANYWAY.... and with God leading me. God is showing me ways to press on battling THROUGH and DESPITE the feelings I am having.

I am happy to say - I had ZERO feelings of anxiety yesterday, as I received yet another moment of clarity the day before - on why I was having these feelings again.. and what to do about it. Yes I am taking notes!! Maybe another course in the future.

That’s what He is continually doing.. showing me and growing me. I don’t stop going to Him and asking Him. And He doesn’t stop answering. In the process, I have been able to help so many others. What the enemy means for harm, God IS making good.

Take a step forward in the direction God is leading you. It may come with some battles to face - because the enemy desperately doesn’t want you to succeed. KNOW THAT - and press on anyway!!! Stay behind God and He will see you through. #anxietywarrior #messinprogress #christianblogger #faithoverfear

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