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Is dreaming for you?

You hear and see this a lot these days: DREAM BIG!!

You say - nah.. dreaming isn’t for me.

Why not? Because you're afraid you’ll look foolish if what you’re hoping for doesn't come true? Or maybe it’s because you will be disappointed if it doesn’t happen?

So what!! What happens if what you’re dreaming for doesn't come to pass?

Well it just doesn’t. That’s it.

Yes, you may be disappointed. You may even be upset or sad. Your friends may think you’re foolish. And that’s ok! It’s a part of life. Don’t let what may or may not happen stop you from dreaming in the first place and PLEASE don’t let what others may think of you stop you from being you!!

You continue dreaming and hoping for that dream to come true knowing that if you aren’t seeing it come to pass - you must be patient because maybe it will take longer than you’d hoped.

Or maybe it was NOT meant to be. If that’s the case, know that God has something else for you!

If what you’ve been hoping for hasn’t happened and you don’t know what to do, here’s my advice - Ask God to help you dream... ask Him to reveal to you the dreams He wants for your life.

In the very past, my husband, Pete, was concerned because I was always full of hope and had wide eyes ...I believed so many things would happen - and prayed and hoped for them.

I expressed this outloud to him so he knew my hopes and dreams. He was trying to protect me because he didn’t want me to get my hopes up and be disappointed if these things didn’t happen.

He realized, over time, I wasn’t going to stop and if what I hoped for didn’t come to pass - I was going to be ok!!

But do you know that so many of my dreams have come true?! Especially in the last 12 years since I’ve been in a closer relationship with God, guided by His Holy Spirit rather than being guided by my emotions, or by friends and others who mean well.

Things that have happened in my life would definitely NOT have been possible without God’s direction. In fact, some of these things wouldn’t have happened if I had listened to my friends. Pete! Pete wouldn’t have happened if I had listened to the foolishness of my friends.

And for the record, Pete has come a long way. As I said, he realized I wasn't going to stop! He jumped on the bandwagon and he, too, dreams and hopes on a regular basis with me... always and ONLY if it be Gods will for us.

I want to share a few instances where I dreamed big, hoped hard and prayed for these amazing dreams that came true. I share these to encourage you!!

🙏🏼 MY HOPE & PRAYER - my husband who I met 11 years ago online, he in England and me in America.
We did not meet on purpose, meaning neither was looking for a mate and it wasn't an online dating site.
He came after I was praying for a husband who would be a selfless leader, who would love me and my boys, and who would look to God for his family's best interest.
🙌🏼 AND ONLY GOD - I got the husband I asked for and the father for my children.
Also BONUS - Pete was agnostic when I met him...and now he's been pastor for 4 years!
He absolutely loves God, me and my boys and leads us selflessly.


🙏🏼 MY HOPE & PRAYER - My house I am in.
I wanted a new home, I prayed for the ability to move my family to a good school district and gain more space for my family. This beautiful house I am in came shortly after.
🙌🏼 AND ONLY GOD - We had horrible credit because we had no credit. No credit cards and no loans.
My husband didn't have a job that paid well at the time and I was a 1099 realtor.
This house we are in is WAY MORE amazing than we hoped for or imagined.


🙏🏼 MY HOPE & PRAYER - Our son Elijah.
We didn't plan to have a baby. In fact we had decided, when we met, we wouldn't have children. Pete wanted to love my 2 boys, from a previous marriage, like his own and didn't want to take away from that.
We got pregnant when I was 38. We were shocked but also became happy about it. We lost that baby and it devastated us.
We decided we wanted a baby, If it were Gods will that it be so, so we continued practicing (lol) and started praying for a child.
We became pregnant again, and lost that baby.
We were told that I was a high risk, and my age had something to do with it. I was told it was going to be difficult to have a baby grow to full term inside of my body.
🙌🏼 AND ONLY GOD - We got pregnant for a third time and had a beautiful baby boy 9 months later - and I was even older.. two months shy of turning 40 when I delivered that healthy baby boy.
Elijah is simply a gift from God and the child that has completed our family of 5.
He adds so much joy to us all and amazes us DAILY.

Here is my point - WE CANNOT LOSE FAITH IN GOD WHO GIVES US THE BIG DREAM and settle for a small dream that we can accomplish without his help.

I couldn't have accomplished any of those dreams above without Gods help.

It honors God when we dream big and depend on Him to help us to accomplish the dream. Because, if we do depend on Him, then there is no way we can take credit for it.

Also, deaming big and trusting God helps us develop and grow spiritually.

I ask God to align my dreams for myself and my family with His will for us. I ONLY want to desire what He desires for me!

So have your big dreams and have faith that they CAN COME TRUE. Then PRAY for His revelation on the dreams He has for You and then His direction as you work toward those dreams.

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