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I have overcome the prison of anxiety and so can you!!

I am a self proclaimed anxiety warrior!

I HAD severe social anxiety disorder (SAD) for a long time, almost 2 decades. I was also agoraphobic for a time.

I am happy to say that I overcame that prison...and I’ve learned a lot along the way. I lead a FB community, as well as I began this blog - The Diary of an Anxiety Warrior - to relay what I’ve learned.

Now... overcoming SAD and Agoraphobia... Does this mean I never feel anxious? Absolutely not! I am human.. and humans feel anxious from time to time. I can even overthink or worry sometimes - until I set myself straight and stop that nonsense.

I do feel anxious from time to time and for me, it’s certain places that trigger those old feelings. Those feelings haven’t turned into an anxiety attack in a very long time, I’m grateful to say. I believe that is because I’ve learned different ways to control the feelings rather than have the feelings control me.

Let me tell you one thing that caused some MAJOR anxiety in my life - and what I truly believe may be the cause of many anxiety issues with people.

—>Trying to be someone you're not.

Trying to please others so that you become who they want you to be. I don't even mean doing it on purpose.

Most of the time, I don't think we mean to do it or even realize we are doing it.

I think it's something we can slowly begin, and then eventually we can have an underlying resentment for “the one who changed us". And then - eventually we feel that we have “lost ourselves”.

Been there, done that!

Do you even know who you are? Or have you gone so far off of your original divine design and gotten lost?

I specialize in this field - not with a degree but with life experience and lots of training and development in the area.

I offer a course that will help those who struggle with people pleasing. It will be launching soon. I will definitely let you know when it’s available and the different package options - if you are one who has trouble in this area.

I am a life balance coach - and as I always remind folks, we are made up of 3 parts - mind, body and spirit. When all 3 are looked after, we can become more balanced.

My hope is to provide information and value to you so that you can learn how to gain more balance in your life. You are invited (women) to join my online fb community - SheIsAWarrior.org

My hope - with this blog, my community and my course - is that we can learn how to see ourselves, treat ourselves, and to move forward in victory!

Strong - and shining our light. 🌷

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