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HOW TO attract...

I want to share something, as a Christian, with other Christians.

It’s a HOW TO. How to attract people to Christ.

First, I’m going to share with you how NOT TO do it:

•be judgemental

•act self righteous

•preach at them

•condemn them

•act coo coo

•tell folks they need to be in church

•hate them for their sin

My husband, Pastor Pete Moore, was saved 11 years ago today.

He was an agnostic for 40 years, and those he associated closest with were atheist. Yet, he chose Jesus 11 years ago.

It was apparently a God ordained mission that I was chosen to be a part of. I didn’t know that’s what was going to happen at the time but it is what happened.

We met one another just a couple of weeks before the big moment. We talked every single day for those weeks.

I was a Christian and he knew it when he chose to “friend me” all those years ago because I had it as my “religion” in the about section.

I forgot to mention that Pete was in England (where he’s from) when we met and I was here in America and we met on My Space.

Pete has since told me that he normally would have ran for the hills when he saw ‘Christian’ but for some reason, that day, he was drawn to me even though I was a Christian.

By the way, Pete wasn’t looking for a wife, or even a girlfriend. He was simply looking for someone who was in a certain time zone. He was an insomniac and he wanted to communicate with others but all of his others were asleep. America fit what he was looking for as far as time zone. He searched male or female, ages (I believe) 26-40. And there I was, on page 22.

Something that Pete said to me in our first conversation was -

“I will not be a Christian just to get to talk to you.”

I assured him that I wouldn’t want him to become a Christian just to talk to me, and that he need not worry as I would not try and convert him.

I also told him that I would just be me, my every day self in my every day way of life and being. He would either like me or he wouldn’t, but I wasn’t going to change me, either, so that he would talk to me.

Neither of us ever could have imagined that one day we’d be married and he’d be a pastor.. but let me not get ahead of myself.

Back to the point...

Another thing Pete said to me in one of our chats before the big moment was....

“Your Jesus is not the same Jesus here in England”.

Obviously he is the same, however the Jesus I introduced to Pete is not the Jesus that Pete saw in Christians he knew there in England.

The Christians he knew of displayed the opposite of what a Christian should. They were judgemental, self righteous, condemning, and even super spiritual coo coo folks. This type of Christian didn’t attract Pete. In fact, it repelled him.

That way of Christianing is not the example Jesus gave to us to live out and it is not biblical nor spiritual.

It’s actually acting in the human fleshly nature. Pride and arrogance are the motivators as opposed to love. There are PLENTY who are Christian but do not live Christ like.

Christ lived among the world...

He came to save people from the pits they’d gotten themselves into. Jesus loved and embraced everyone without deciding if they were worthy to receive his love first, based on their life’s choices.

Jesus accepted. Jesus encouraged. Jesus corrected WITH truth and with love.

That’s all I did. When I say I introduced Pete to Jesus, I simply lived my life as a witness to Gods light. I lived each day asking God to give me the mind, heart, attitude and love of Christ to display to others. That’s all I did with Pete.

Well, on this day, 11 years ago... Pete told me that he wanted what I had. That He wanted to be free and at peace in life. He wanted to know my Jesus.

And the rest is history.

So, HOW TO attract folks to Christ:

•be accepting

•be encouraging

•be loving

•share truth, only correcting in a loving way with love as the motivator.

•have mercy

•give people grace

I heard this once, and took notes so this isn’t exact but this is close:

The way we act as Christians matters.
Life and death - Heaven and hell are the highest stakes that there are in the world. People need to know the gospel - in ALL its fullness, it’s truth and it’s grace.
What people see when they see Christians will attract or repel them.
We won’t save people - that’s The Holy Spirit that will move them to that point, BUT it is our responsibility to show others WHY it matters that God is in our lives.”

So ask yourself this, Christians..

Do others see Jesus in you by the way you act and speak to them?

Are you attracting or repelling?

If you don’t know - step outside of yourself. If you were speaking to the unsaved you, would you be attracted to your words? Or would the words turn you off??

Jesus did NOT come to condemn. We shouldn’t either.


The only way I acted 11 years ago with Pete was with love. I accepted him despite all his faults. I didn’t decide if he was worthy of meeting me nor Jesus based on where he was at that season in his life. ALL I DID was be me, and allowed the Holy Spirit to guide me - and I reflected the love of Jesus with no condemnation.

And look what God has done!!

He’s taken a broken, bi polar, depressed, alcoholic, lonely, isolated workaholic - and made him a world changer for His kingdom.

If God can do that with Pete, He can do it with anyone who surrenders to allow Him.

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