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Updated: Sep 10, 2018

My journal entry on yesterday: " I just finished meditating on after meditating on 2 Corinthians 4:16-18..and I sit here talking with God and I say to Him... Lord I am looking so forward to spending eternity with you. Let my eyes always be fixed on that ultimate end of this life.. so I am not caught up in the temporary. 

Then I think about all the heartache I read about and see and hear and even have experienced on this earth. I think - the world is so dreadful.

And then just as quickly as I'm contemplating on the bad - my mind shifts to the good. The love around me, our family prayer circle last night and all the love shared between us daily. How blessed I am with a husband who I enjoy each and every day. Children I couldn’t be more proud of .. a husband and children I truly do not deserve.

And then more good comes to mind - the man I just read about this morning who created a theme park for children who are disabled - and admission is free! He did this because he has a grown disabled daughter who didn’t get to enjoy vacations at theme parks and he wanted others children to get to experience parks. I think - wow! What a good man. 

There is good in the world outside of my bubble. I must remember that. I sometimes lose sight of that - and when I do, I just think I will shut myself off and remain in my bubble. 

But the thing is - no matter what is going on in the world, it is all temporary. It will all go away... and one day - we will be in eternity in paradise with God. Yeah - I must remember the amazing days ahead of me beyond what I get to experience now. I must remember that all of those lost souls must be saved in order to share that eternity in paradise too... so I must continue sharing, loving, being a face and a voice - an ambassador - for God.. on this earth. Until He brings me home. "


This morning, I opened my email and saw in the subject line in one email: "DO YOU THINK I LOVE THIS WORLD?" WOW is an understatement. This is an email subscription I have to Loop. A woman's ministry that sends the most amazing beautiful emails, with scriptures full of God's promises spoken to me as if it were God speaking. So brilliant - and very impactful. Here is what it said in full:

Do You Think I Love This World?

“Yet a little while and the world will see me no more, but you will see me. Because I live, you also will live” (John 14:19).

My daughter, look now. Look at Me. Raise your head again.

I come for you.

What do you want to ask Me? Can I tell you the desire of your heart? I know you tire of staying in the same place. I know you are tired of looking at this world—but oh, how I love it.

Can I tell you how much I love this world?

I love each bit of it. The cracks in the sidewalk, the pebbles mixed in desert sand. This is the landscape through which I walk. I walk where I want you to see. I walk through villages and down crowded streets. I sit at wells and wait and I walk up mountains and sit on hills next to quiet seas.

I see beneath the facades, the walls my children build. I enter in with permission, and I long to make my home. I keep walking and knocking and waiting and listening. I know my home. I know my Father. I am Spirit who moves in you and wants to stay. And when you let Me in, and I stay, I remove the walls. I let you see beyond this world to what exists in it to save it.

I have come to save the world, and there are children who still do not know. They don’t know there is a dream beyond food for their stomachs and a place to lay their head when they tire.

I am Home without walls.

I am Home so you can rest here and see more of the things I see. Someday you will understand. You will see more. I give you glimpses, and I let your heart imagine the possibilities of true freedom, true love, true joy, true rescue. Oh, the day I come again! But you don’t have to wait to receive my Spirit. And when you receive it, I equip you to paint the landscape anew for children who don’t yet know Me in their hearts.

Oh, daughter, I love the world.

I love these children. I love you. I come to rescue. I come to save. I come to love. I come to liberate children who are trapped and see no way of escape.

I come.

Open your heart.

I come.

Look in my eyes.

I come.

I am all you need, and I go ahead.

Let me give you new eyes, a new heart—fresh courage and faith so my loved ones, the world,who don’t yet see Me can see Me in you.

Yes, let them see Me in you.

And I will come to them, and they will know they are rescued and not forgotten, too.


I realize this entry is already pretty long - so I won't talk too much more on this. What I do want to say is this... God is present. ALWAYS. Whether we acknowledge His presence or not is another thing. Whether we invite Him into our day is another thing... regardless of what we do, He is still there. WHEN we invite Him into our situations, circumstances -- OUR REALITY - He answers. He truly wants us to depend on HIM in ALL moments of life. This is what I have learned and it is why my first thought when I wake is God and what it is He wants to reveal to me in that day. My last thought is God - as His word is comfort to my soul and I can go to bed with a peaceful mind and God's words tucking me in. And any time in between the mundane things of the day - when my thoughts go to God - to give Him thanks, to ask for His help, to teach my children about Him.. whatever it is. He is present in every one of those moments - and He is present in the other times when I don't even acknowledge Him. It is this way for you as well.. He never leaves. He wants us to depend on Him. He wants to help us. He is our help!! So just call on Him. Invite Him in. He would LOVE to connect with you...and when you do connect - WOW!

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