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Don’t just believe - TRUST also.

A chair. That is the visual. This is something I heard a while back and it never left me. I am more of a visual learner - so pictures, and stories with visual details and examples REALLY help me to remember.

So here's a story for you = about FAITH.

Before I really thought deeper about faith, I'd always thought of faith as believing.

And it is believing.. oh but it is so much more. Faith is not JUST believing. It's also trusting. It's like believing is the EMOTIONAL part, but trusting is the ACTION part.

Let's go back to the chair...

When you go to sit in a chair - do you examine the chair first, before you sit? Do you make sure the nails are in place and there are no cracks in the wood. Do you need to learn how the chair was built?

OR, do you just simply sit down?

I'm going to guess - you just sit. And when you sit in that chair - you are trusting that chair will hold you.

We can believe all day long, because we are told and because we read, that God loves us. That God is in control. That God has plans for us. BUT - when you TRUST this is so.. things do change.

When you decide to not only believe but to also trust it all - you change. Your actions become more confident. You are less worried, less consumed, less stressed, less defensive, less offended...

We are never going to be perfect. But we can ALL ALWAYS improve.

So - maybe next time you're tempted to worry or become consumed by something - think of a CHAIR and how you sit in a chair...without a single worry.

Also, because you trust that chair is going to hold you up as it has so many times before - you sit on it WITH CONFIDENCE.

My meditation guide in Encounteringpeace.com said - “TRUST is believing without evidence. CONFIDENCE is assurance based on past results.”

We CAN trust God, AND have confidence in God because of what He’s done for us before. He’s moved many mountains for me, and I have more that seem to be in my way. I believe I’ll see Him move more mountains! I have confidence in Him that He did it before, and He’ll do it again! 🌷

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