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BECOMING - present

I share often that I lived with extreme anxiety for many years - crippling. I don't share, though, that there was a time there when I became depressed.

When I think back to my experiences of both of these horrible conditions I think: —>when I had debilitating anxiety, I had what I referred to as THE “WHAT IF” SYNDROME where I would over think about what MAY happen. I would wonder constantly what people would think. I tried to figure out how things would turn out. I played conversations in my head thinking I knew how others would respond and I was preparing to respond back.

I. Was. Consumed...and the result that came from all that I was doing - anxious feelings that became 2 disorders...agoraphobia and social anxiety disorder.

That was all future tense and THE FUTURE is anything beyond this moment!!

—>Then the depression I felt, which was a much shorter time frame, came when I would ponder on the past. I was wanting to go BACK. Back to the way things were. Back to living happy and free. I would be consumed in thinking back to the good times because I was so miserable in the time I was in.

See - THINKING BACK.. In other words, the past.

Now... how to stop focusing on past and/or future?


Feeling anxious? In the moment you are feeling that way, feel it and know it will pass like the weather. While it is passing - look around you. Take it all in. Even if it's a bird in front of you doing its own thing. See him... And realize you are in the present moment. It will do wonders for you!!

Feeling down? Refocus your looking back to see how far you’ve come even with the challenges and trials you’ve endured. See what's right in front of you, where you're planted - and make the best of where you are. You are there for a purpose.. even if you don’t understand it. Trust that God knows and wait on Him to change your circumstances if they aren’t what you desire. Then move as He directs you.

Also - PRACTICE HAVING GRATITUDE and ask God to help you to trust Him. Having gratitude does wonders for the emotions... and trusting God does wonders for the soul.

Never run away from how you feel, instead embrace the feelings — and then remember to breath in Gods peace.

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