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Attention people pleasers!!

Fellow people pleasers, now hear this:

Everyone will not like you! That is not only true, but it’s more than OK!!

Despite what you may have been taught, you were NOT created to make everyone around you feel happy or feel better about themselves or their lives!

You are NOT responsible for everyone else’s feelings. So stop taking responsibility for those that you have no business taking responsibility for.

Instead —> take responsibility for your own life.

You’ll want to stop blaming others for the foolish decisions that you have made.

While it’s good to recognize the reasons WHY you may have made some of those decisions <ex: the not so great influences you had growing up; the abuse you received; the neglect you experienced; the rejection you got from others, etc> and while you may actually be a victim of some or even all of that - it’s not healthy to take on and keep the victim identity.

By continuing to identity yourself as a victim, you remain a VICTIM. This will NOT serve you well.

The past happened, and it DID affect you! This is true. What is also true is that you won’t ever be able to erase it from history.

You can, however, MOVE BEYOND IT!

Your response to life is YOUR responsibility. Your life choices are YOUR responsibility. Your actions are YOUR responsibility - and no one else's.

Now, take back your identity.

If you follow these steps, I believe you will feel an improvement in your well being within a months time!

1) First, decide to forgive and then forgive those who caused you to be a victim. Forgiving them doesn’t mean they were right in what they did. Forgiving them will be your first step in a different direction than you’ve been going.

2) Next, forgive yourself for the foolish decisions you’ve made. Beating yourself up over it, living in shame over it, feeling sorry for yourself - does nothing positive for you whatsoever and it will keep you stuck and not able to take the next step.

3) Then, take responsibility from this moment forward. At this point, you’ve chosen not to be a victim any longer. You are no longer imprisoned to that role. You have broken free.

Now run forward. Develop yourself and your new identity as victor! Read books that will teach you how to heal, and a great one to start with that I highly recommend is the Bible. You version is a great app to download. It’s got the Bible and devotionals. Look up what your personal struggle is and it will give you a devotion that will reference scripture that WILL help you learn how to best deal with it.

Also theres tons of books, courses, and podcasts that could help!

4) Last, look back in 30 days, but ONLY for a moment.... to see how far you’ve come, then continue moving forward growing, evolving, developing - THRIVING!🌷

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