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Are You a Valentines Day Lover?

Do you see love as a noun? Or do you know that love is a verb? ACTION. It’s a demonstration.

You likely know Christmas and Easter Christians. Well I believe there is something called Valentine’s Day lovers.

They are those who don’t acknowledge love the rest of the year, not because they don’t love but because they don’t see the need for love to be focused on or “put into action” through the year.

Some ideas of love in action:

Loving words spoken or written or texted. Ooh a bitmoji! Pete and I (and the boys) love sending those to one another.

Taking walks together, or sitting and talking together and listening to one another - giving that attention/quality time each other desires.

Or maybe an outing - a movie, dinner.. or if not out, how about a movie together at home? We have movie night at home once a week.

Maybe your spouse loves help, and feels love that way - like helping out with the dishes or the laundry, or yard work.

Gifts! Some feel so loved when they receive a surprise gift. When Pete surprises me with flowers, or something I mention in passing that I need to get - I feel so cared for. It’s thoughtful. Or simply bringing the other a cup of coffee so they don’t have to get up.

You’d be surprised how easy it actually can be to show love.

You’ve likely heard of the love languages before - well it’s a real thing! There’s even a quiz you and your spouse can take to learn one another’s love language.


Pete’s love language is quality time and words of affirmation. Mine is gifts, acts of service and touch. Yeah I have 3! 😄

Find out yours and your spouses - then start giving them the love that THEY NEED rather than giving them what you need.

You’ll see a tremendous difference of improvement in your communication and your love tanks will be FULL. 🌷

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