Do you agree or do you disagree?

That is 12 statements. If you agreed with at least 6, then this course IS DEFINITELY FOR YOU!

If you agreed with less than 5, then you likely have healthy boundaries in your relationships for the most part and maybe you don't need this course.

-->Hold on a second... Think for a moment. Be specific...think of the ONE person you struggle with -- the one you have a hard time saying no to, and you bend over backwards to please -- maybe you need this course to help you gain a healthier relationship with that person. 

This course isn't about ending relationships that are unhealthy - it's about correcting them and making them healthy again, or even for the first time. This course will help you with those relationships, as well as, help you get set up to create future healthy relationships.

  • You have no voice in your own life.

  • You feel taken advantage of.

  • You over-commit yourself, even sometimes leaving you without time/resources for yourself.

  • You have trouble saying no.

  • You are unclear about your preferences/opinions.

  • You focus more on others needs than your own.

  • You change your plans/opinions to please others.

  • You do not like making decisions because you don’t want to disappoint others.

  • You feel resentment inside toward others that you are constantly doing for.

  • You would rather say yes than hurt someone's feelings or have conflict by saying no.

  • You avoid people as much as possible.

This module will help you to realize that you are not alone in how you are feeling. You will recognize the symptoms you are experiencing and learn the cause of the symptoms.

Recognize the Symptoms

Student will be able to identify what a healthy boundary looks like. They will be introduced to a system which will help them to be able to define each boundary that they plan to apply in their relationship.

What are Healthy Boundaries?

Student will learn that it isn't just about the boundary itself, but also about how it is presented, received, reinforced, and continued. Student will learn to STOP apologizing for having an opinion and a voice.

How NOT TO Create Boundaries

Student will learn that boundaries bring peace and balance and that boundaries are only effective if they are clear, delivered confidently and enforced. Also, that it is perfectly acceptable to change how things are.

HOW TO Create Boundaries

Student will take everything they've learned and put it into ACTION. They will learn a system and have a guide to help them to create and apply boundaries based on specific relationships with specific boundary needs.

NOW to Apply Your Boundaries

What is this course all about?

We like things simple but that is how we created this course! We provide a flowchart for you from the very beginning so that you can know exactly what to expect.

The course contains 5 modules, with each module offering teaching videos.

A beautifully organized workbook that you print out. The workbook includes:
- m
ain bullet points from the videos, some fill in the blank statements, and also has space for you to take notes while watching the video.
- checklist assignment
- 2 guides, each on step by step systems we invented that will help you to create, then to apply your boundary
- journal questions
-a worksheet assignment

Below, you will find each  module and a VERY brief summary of what we will be going over in each:

Your instructor, co-creator & guinea pig of this course

Hello. I'm Molly. 

I am an anxiety warrior. I broke free from the prison of anxiety by renewing my mind, by creating boundaries, and by gaining and applying knowledge - and THAT is what I love to teach others.


I am passionate about helping women renew their mind through practical and spiritual teaching.

Happy people

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"This course showed me the need for having healthy boundaries in my life, thus reducing unnecessary stress. I highly recommend."

Polly M

"I love that you are very candid and uplifting! Your story resonates with so many of us!"

Christa K

Why did we create this course?

Watch this video where Pete and Molly tell you first hand how this course came about.


What will you get for $297?

  • 5 self paced modules with teaching videos 

  • 30 day email access to me about this course, here to answer your questions and help guide you through

  • 3 workbooks - formatted as pdf & doc, giving you the choice to print out or work the book digitally

  • Workbooks contain note taking area with the slide's main bullet points printed inside, as well as, self reflection questions that will help you grow and guide you through the process

  • This is a self study course, which means - go at your own your convenience BUT keep in mind, you have access to me for 30 days from the day you invest into this course

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Begin the process of healing your relationships today -
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