I, for one, love those little posts that go across Facebook, asking you to answer some random questions. I love reading and learning how much I relate with others. As well, just how different we are. So, I decided to make a 15 random facts about me page.  Things you didn't know you wanted to know. LOL. And maybe you don't want to know.. if so, stop reading. 

If you do want to know, keep reading...

15 things you didn't know you wanted to know about me

1.  I absolutely despised pink until 2017.  Now I’m obsessed. I want a touch of it in all of my outfits. I even began wearing pink eye shadow recently. As you can see by my site - my branding is using various shades of the pink family.
 We will just say "pink is my signature color". 


2.  I didn’t drink coffee regularly until I was 41.  Before that it was the (very rarely) occasional mocha coffee at my local coffee shop when gathering with the gals. Now, I drink 3 cups at home, before 10 am  - half caf. Then 3 more cups, at home, in the evening - decaf.  I LOVE the taste!! 


3.  I began dancing at age 5  - tap, jazz and ballet - and then continued dancing in high school when I tried out and made the dance team. I was even captain of the team in my senior year. There was a time I dreamed of being a Rockette.  I still dance - in my living room, mostly with my little one. 

4.  I am a profiler.  Not with the FBI, but a Personality Profiler - and I'm usually correct with my conclusion. I LOVE all personality tests. My favorite and one that CHANGED MY LIFE is the 4 distinct personality types - Sanguine (me), Melancholy, Phlegmatic and Choleric. I have studied this particular set of personality types on several occasions and even was a guest speaker at a women's group where I shared ALL about them. Oh, such fun for me!!  I could   talk about personalities for hours - ask my family. It drives them crazy at times. 

5.  I LOOOOOVE nature.  God's creation MOVES me to tears. This would surprise many since I stay indoors mostly. The reason for that is because I live in a state that does NOT have 4 seasons...and for most of the year it is HOT. Humid. Muggy. I love natural light coming in my house and LOVE when the squirrels and birds are gathered around the yard. I love watching the sunsets and sunrises...ALWAYS have. I love the sounds of summer nights with the frogs and crickets. I should probably not admit this, but I will anyway.  The smell of skunk.. I like it. Does this mean something is wrong with me? 

6.  My son loves to tell people how I once partied with Shaquille O'Neal.  Well, the reality of that statement he jokes about is - I was at a local college bar and Shaquille was there. He attended the local University. I didn't even know who he was. I just knew he had HUGE hands and I noticed that because we shook hands. He was sitting the entire time and the bar was crowded - so 
I didn't notice that he may have been taller than the average guy. 

7.  I have an associates degree in Commercial Art & Advertising.  I went straight to Art college after graduating high school at age 17. I was ready to get out in the "real world" and work. I liked art and had been drawing and creating since I was a little girl - so it made sense. I am 45 years old this year and  I haven't once used my degree for employment. 

8. When I was a little girl,  I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. I said, a mommy.  I am a mom of 3 sons. My first was born when I was 22, my second when I was 29, and my third when I was 39.​ My dream came true.

9.  I've loved jazz music and big band music since I was a young girl.  I credit that to my uncle and my grandmother. I once had tickets to the Jazzfest in New Orleans where Harry Connick Jr. was playing - and NOONE wanted to go with me. So I missed it.  One of few regrets in life that I have. 

10.  I have ALWAYS worn silver jewerly. I've moved on to white gold and platinum, but still -  I don't know that I will ever embrace golden gold jewerly. 

11.  I did not smile, showing my teeth, until I was half way through high school.  I was called bugs bunny in middle school and as much as I hate to admit it - that affected me. It didn't help that I STILL had baby teeth in high school. I was a late bloomer.  Then, quite the opposite happened, once I did start smiling. I   couldn't stop. I was even told I smile too much. I didn't let that stop me. I had   a lot of time to make up for. 

12.  I do not like to hear "I am sorry".  I always thought something was wrong with me. It turns out - there is, in fact, an apology language. Have you ever heard of The Love Languages? The same author does both. Take the test and see for yourself. For me - it's all about taking responsibility and expressing regret. I think it's because I know everyone makes mistakes and TYPICALLY when we do cause offense, we aren't doing it maliciously - and for the most part, we are good willed people but coming from different places and mindsets.  I don't need anyone to make up for their mistake or apologize - instead, just an acknowledgment that they messed up and they'll do better next time if the situation occurs. Life is ALL about living and learning - and then applying what's learned and growing. 

13.  I do not like boiled crawfish.  Tell people that in Louisiana. It's like I committed a sin.  And I am not sorry. LOL.

14.  I should have invented the BOYFRIEND jeans.  My favorite kind of jean. I wore mens jeans since high school. I got a pair of my daddy's worn out Levi's 501 button fly jeans and I was IN LOVE. After that, it's all I would wear.  I have held on to a couple of pairs and I'm hoping and working toward the goal that ONE DAY I may squeeze into them. (fingers crossed) 

15.  I met my husband on MySpace 11 years ago this year.  Three days into having my account (not private because I didn't know there was such an option), and with 7 friends (all of whom I knew in real life), I received a random friend request that said - 'Greetings from Across the Pond'. I'd love to say he had me there, but I had no idea what he meant. (Am I the only one who didn't know what that meant?)  It turned out, he was in England. I was entirely   skeptical and wondered what a man like him would want with a simple girl   like me. It turned out, he was real - and we have been inseparable in our   minds and hearts and eventually bodies, ever since I responded to that   message. 

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better! I really enjoyed getting these together. You may want to write down some random facts about you. It was so fun to do!!

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